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CLOSED for the winter months. Open on April 15th, 2024.

Hello from Lucy’s Wholesale Vinca! The only wholesaler of Vinca Minor, also known as Periwinkle and Creeping Myrtle, on the East Coast. Lucy’s has supplied gardeners, landscapers, nurseries, and plant enthusiasts for 20 years. For help with determining number of plants and spacing you can call or text 434-321-3172 or use the following link

Call or text 434-321-3172 to inquire about special pricing for bulk orders (100 bundles or more) or special requests. 

At Lucy’s Wholesale Vinca we take pride in harvesting the freshest vinca minor with substantial root.

Facts about Lucy’s Wholesale Vinca:

  • Supplier of vinca minor for 20 years.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE of the uses and care of vinca minor.
  • Supply nurseries with as many as 40,000 plants per week
  • Plants pulled fresh to order and set up for easy planting
  • Will ship directly to your nursery, your customer, or your home.

We ship via UPS. Shipping rates start at $15 per box. Savings are greater on shipping for larger orders. Please call or text 434-321-3172 for special shipping requests and/or questions.

Orders received Monday-Thursday will ship out on the upcoming Monday. Orders received Friday-Sunday will ship out on Monday of the next week. We ship on Mondays to ensure your plants arrive in a beautiful condition and in a timely manner, typically within 3 days of shipping.

If you’re ordering from Virginia, there will be a 5% sales tax on the order.