5 Bundles – Vinca minor “periwinkle”

5 Bundles - Vinca minor "periwinkle"

Five bundles of Vinca minor includes 250 bare-root plants. Most uses around the home require about 5 bundles. Typical nursery orders start with a minimum of 20 bundles.


Five bundles of Vinca minor includes 250 bare-root plants. Most uses around the home require about 5 bundles. Typical nursery orders start with a minimum of 20 bundles.

Vinca minor “traditional,” also known as Common periwinkle, Dwarf periwinkle or Creeping myrtle, is a short, evergreen, herbaceous perennial groundcover, or trailing vine, that will naturalize and grow easily in average, well-drained soil that is dry to medium wet, and in full sun to partial shade. It will also tolerate full shade. However, Vinca minor prefers regular watering and a well-drained fertile, loamy soil in partial shade. It grows in zones 3-8.

Vinca minor spreads quickly after established, forming a dense mat. Mature height is between 3”-6” tall and up to 3’ in diameter for each individual plant, with spacing between 4”-8.” Growth habit will resemble a trailing mat, prostrate mat or mounding mat. Vinca minor has a medium growth rate, deer tend to avoid it and it is tolerant of infrequent foot traffic.

Blooms from late March and April through the summer and fall with whitish ½” – ¾” lavender blue-violet flowers in early spring (rare for an evergreen groundcover), and sparse flowers in summer and fall.

Leaves are a lustrous, dark glossy green about ½” x 1 ½” with a prominent mid-vein.

Vinca is a low-maintenance delight that acts as a versatile ground cover. It provides a good cover for bulb beds, and can cover large areas by planting 12-18″ apart. It’s also great for stabilizing soils and controlling erosion on shady slopes or banks, as well as covering the soil under trees and shrubs and for window boxes.

We ship Vinca minor in bundles of 50 bare root plants with 3-6 leads per plant. We include an additional 25 plants for free in case some do not survive transit.

**Orders placed within Monday through Thursday will be shipped the following Monday. Orders placed between Friday through Sunday will ship the Monday after next. Expect arrival 2-3 days later.**

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  1. I have a hillside in back of our house. I have succeed in planting 1/2 of the yard with all purple minor Vinca. The other side is more overgrown with grass. 2 years ago I bought 100 and planted, but they did not take. How should I plant this year so that it takes. Don’t want to waste my money. How to kill the grass and how do we plant. Do we dig a deep hole for each. As I transplanted from my own, I just poked a hole and they all took. This other side is so over grown with grass and weeds> please help………………..

    1. 1
      Spray the bare root periwinkles with water and set them in the shade while the planting location is being prepared in the spring. Do not let the roots dry out. If the leaves and stems begin to wilt, then water the plants again to perk them up.
      Dig the soil up with a shovel to the depth of 12 inches deep in a planting area with good draining soil and full to partial sun exposure. Common periwinkles tolerate full shade, but does not flower as well as when grown in full sun. Break up large clumps of soil and remove any weeds. Mix in 3 inches of well-rotted compost with the loosened soil. Rake the soil smooth and level.
      Dig holes 3 to 4 inches deep and wide with a hand trowel. Space the holes 12 to 18 inches apart so that the area will fill in with periwinkles by the end of the growing season. Place the roots in the hole spreading them downward and outward. Add soil under the roots to place the plants at the same level that it was growing at previously. Fill the hole with soil and gently firm it around the stem. Plant the rest of the bare root flowers in their holes.
      Spread a 1-inch-layer of organic mulch around the young plants. Use shredded bark, wood chips or shredded leaves for the mulch. Keep the mulch at least 1 inch away from the periwinkle stems. Mulching keeps the soil moisture from evaporating too quickly and reduces weed growth.
      Water the soil around the plants so that the soil settles. Water to the depth of 4 inches each week when there is no rainfall for the first growing season. This promotes good root growth, so the plants can adjust to natural rainfall.

      Things You Will Need
      Hand trowel
      Organic mulch
      Common periwinkles grow quickly and form roots whenever the stems touch the ground. They are known to grow very aggressively in ideal sites with rich moist soil and plenty of sun. Control the periwinkles by keeping them trimmed back whenever they overgrow their planting location.

      Source: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/plant-common-periwinkle-bare-roots-69171.html

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